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September 2017 - June 2018

Schools Programme

01 September - 30 June

To Principals, Staff and Students,

We hope that you join us for a new season of tours, workshops and activities commencing in September 2017. Although our playground is gone, there will still be a number of exciting and interactive things going on for students of all ages to enjoy. Next seasons themes take on our natural environment and the ways that it can inspire us. We will have...

  • Painting to music workshops - preschool and junior classes
  • Treasure hunt tours about the gallery
  • A materials library to explore
  • Tailor made workshops and tours created in collaboration with schools

For 2017/2018 we are devising a schools programme that will allow schools to become partners with VISUAL. We are inviting schools to make an early commitment to at least one workshop for every class over the course of the school year. This commitment would involve collecting €3 from every pupil in all participating classes at the start of the year for a 90min VISUAL workshop. The workshops would then be scheduled over the course of the year as suits the teacher and class.

You would be listed as a schools partner with VISUAL on our website and be a part of a programme that endevours to create meaningful creative situations for children and their teachers in one of the countrys finest cultural venues.

If you are interested in this partnerships please print and fill in the attached form and send it back to us.


For further information please contact

We hope you all have a great summer and a well-earned break! See you soon at VISUAL.