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As Ireland’s largest gallery space, VISUAL is rapidly developing a reputation for realising projects of a scale and ambition that are unparalleled elsewhere in Ireland. The galleries are 3130m² in total, comprising four principle gallery spaces.

The Main Gallery dimensions are 29m x 16m x 11m high.The walls are made of two layers of 18cm MDF, a quick and convenient material to work with when hanging works of art. Behind the MDF panelling is a reinforced aluminium stud system which allows for heavy loading onto the walls themselves, and a walkway allowing technical access. Services such as electricity, data and water can be supplied through the walls using this cavity, allowing for great flexibility in installation. The gallery floor, like all the floors in the building, are polished concrete with infinite loading. 

The Studio Gallery is a smaller, more intimate space which can accommodate smaller exhibitions or single works. It has also been designed to be closed off to the public if required, creating a studio space which also has its own access to our backroom workshop and sink area. 

The Link Gallery is the only non-white cube - the space's proportions, textured concrete walls, and large gallery-length window looking onto an exterior pool, make it a space of quiet contemplation

The Digital Gallery is specially designed to allow for total black out or low lighting, principally for audio-visual or digital media work where a darkened space is necessary, or for work which is extremely sensitive to light. The space has enhanced access to both power and data in the many floor points located throughout the room. Total blackout is achieved by the use of large blackout drapes at both entrances.

The Lobby Gallery is the smallest exhibition space in the building and has a multitude of uses. It is variously is a reading room, a process space where artists can test out ideas, an education space where exhibition information can be displayed or activities can be engaged in, or a space for exhibitions responding to the season's themes.