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Theatre & Technical Specifications

VISUAL Carlow receives national, international and regional touring productions as well as presenting locally produced work.

The theatre comprises of one performance space and associated workshop space. It the home venue for a number of Carlow based amateur and professional groups who can use it for workshops, rehearsals and presentation of their work.

The theatre offers modern and advanced sound and lighting systems including an ETC Congo lighting desk and a Yamaha M7 Cl 48 channel digital desk installed in the spacious control room, a 35mm projector and also a Panasonic 8,000 ansi lumen digital projector.

The sound in the theatre is completely adaptable, with acoustic banners which roll down the sides of the auditorium.

The Stage rigging system consists of 12 motorised hoists above the stage level. 7 Hemp sets can also be used to facilitate live flying during a performance. Safe working loads for hoists are 250KG while the hemp sets have an S.W.L. of 75kg

The stage floor is a sprung black ply surface and has a high loading capacity of 7.5 kilo newtons (three quarters of a tonne).

For informaiton contact:

Damien Dollard
Facilities Manager
Mobile: +353 (0)83 364 5709

Anthony Walsh
Production Manager
Mobile: +353 (0)86 165 0494