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Arts and Humanities Entrepreneurship Hub

The Arts and Humanities Enterprise Hub (AHEH) is an Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance funded project. The three-year project commenced in January 2018

AHEH is a major new European 3-year project that brings together an alliance of 14 partners from 7 European countries. Partners from academia and industry will work together to jointly research, design, test and disseminate a programme of entrepreneurial training for Arts and Humanities staff and students.

European Arts and Humanities students face challenges with accessing graduate level employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. These courses typically do not have a direct route to the job market, reflected in higher unemployment and lower salaries. There can be a lack of knowledge from academics about aligning subject expertise with wider industry need as well as a lack of recognition by businesses of the wider benefits and skill sets of Arts and Humanities graduates.

Dedicated support in HEIs for entrepreneurial activity has been mainly focused on business, economics and ICT faculties. A&H Students come from a very different starting point, with education and skills that do not meet industry need in an obvious way. Therefore, a fresh approach is needed to develop a tailored A&H entrepreneurship model that improves the long-term entrepreneurial prospects for A&H students.

The AHEH alliance will:
• Bring together 14 partners from across 7 EU member states to improve the entrepreneurial capacity of A&H students.
• Jointly research, design, test and disseminate an innovative programme of entrepreneurial training for A&H staff/ students aligned with the EntreComp Competence Framework. This builds upon partners’ prior experience of EU-funded enterprise projects.
• Have HEIs, businesses and stakeholders working together to champion the value of A&H students to a wider audience and ensure that industry need is reflected in the training programmes.
• Create 7 new A&H Entrepreneurship Hubs situated in partner faculties. These will be the specialist conduits for permanently improving the entrepreneurial skill-sets of A&H staff and students as well as a template for wider exploitation.
• Create a website that will complement the 7 Hubs as an ongoing resource-base for disseminating/exploiting outputs. These include:
• 3 training programmes: HEI, A&H Students, Businesses
• 3 manuals: Trainers, Users, AHEH Management
• 2 contextual reports: Academic & Business

The partnership will offer further opportunities to develop student exchange programmes and to explore shared research interests and opportunities for international collaboration.

The project AHEH is Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

For further information on the Arts & Humanities Entrepreneurship Hub follow see


Coordinator: University of Wales Trinity Saint David (United Kingdom)

Partners: Costal Housing Group Limited (United Kingdom) | Link Campus University (Italy) | Materahub (Italy) | The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka (Croatia) | Drugo More (Croatia) | Innogate to Europe (Spain) | University of Alcala (Spain) | University of Porto (Portugal) | UPTEC (Portugal) | XAMK (Finland) | Pink Eminence (Finland) | Institute of Technology Carlow (Ireland) | Carlow Arts Centre LTD. (VISUAL) (Ireland)

Type: Knowledge Alliance, Key Action 2
Ref: 588387-EPP-1-2017-1-UK-EPPKA2-KA
Start Date: 01/01/2018
End Date: 31/ 12/2021




The innovative THRIVE project began in 2019 at Visual Carlow. Initiated by Visual’s AHEH Project Coordinator David Francis Moore and produced by VISUAL as part of the Arts and Humanities Enterprise Hub (AHEH) Project.  Thrive aims to include several modes of inquiry to uncover emerging entrepreneurial practice within the Arts in Ireland.  Part artist residency, symposium, world cafe, online resource and publication, THRIVE has been developed within the wider frame work of the AHEH Project. 

Thrive aims

The ambition of the THRIVE project is to expand upon the current discourse on entrepreneurship, especially within the context of artistic practice, by investigating entrepreneurship from the perspective of the artist in order to generate new knowledge within this field.

THRIVE residency

VISUAL Carlow in partnership with the ERIC at IT Carlow will be collaborating to create a blueprint for the THRIVE artist residency that will explore the correlation between Arts and Entrepreneurship.
The THRIVE residency aims to create an environment where a shared language between the arts and enterprise can emerge, with the aim of breaking down any stereotyping or barriers that divide each of these areas. This call for residency which takes place in 2020, will unlock the potential between the two spheres and explore the inherit methodologies that support both of these practices in order to empower and support a new generation of emerging artists.

THRIVE symposium

THRIVE symposium takes place in 2020 at Visual Carlow, providing a space for in-depth knowledge exchange, participants will have the opportunity to contribute ideas in relation to their entrepreneurial artistic interventions. Themes within the symposium relate directly to the AHEH report in addition to the various other THRIVE modes of inquiry  (artist residency, world cafe, online resource and publication) to uncover emerging entrepreneurial practice within the Arts in Ireland.
THRIVE symposium will consider the findings of the contextual report published by the AHEH project titled “Research findings: an investigation into European entrepreneurial support for arts and humanities students and graduates”. The report uncovered several findings with regards to why arts and humanities graduates were reluctant to consider their practice within the context of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

THRIVE online resource

In advance of the THRIVE symposium, a series of insightful case studies will be produced by Visual Carlow to expand upon the current discourse on entrepreneurship, especially within the context of artistic practice, by investigating entrepreneurship from the perspective of the artist in order to generate new knowledge within this field. These case studies will be made available online in spring 2020.

THRIVE  publication

The THRIVE publication will be available in 2020, drawing from the in-depth knowledge exchange that occurred during the residency, symposium and the case studies. Providing people with an opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding and overview of the multifaceted THRIVE research project produced by VISUAL as part of the Arts and Humanities Enterprise Hub (AHEH) Project.

The THRIVE publication will be available in two forms. As a printed book and as an online resource. The online resource will be made available as a portable, handy, convenient, easy to use file. This option can also be considered as being kinder to the environment as it saves on the energy consumed by book production, saves trees from destruction, reduces the use of paper, eliminates packing materials and the energy associated with packaging and delivery.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any inquiries relating to THRIVE

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