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A Christmas Tale

  • Saturday 7th December
    2pm & 7pm
  • Tickets: €16/10

It's Christmas Eve and Bobby Brown's family has just moved to a new town. They live in a beautiful new house, with a garden and everything! But Bobby isn't at all happy. Quite the opposite. What if no one wants to be friends? What if the teachers are all mean? What if, worst of all, Santa can't find them?!
While Mrs & Mr Brown party with all the neighbours downstairs, Bobby gets ready to sneak out the window, determined to go back home and make sure Santa finds her. With water, some Christmas cake, and, of course, toys packed away in a rucksack she is ready for her great adventure. Little does she know that strange and magical things happen on Christmas Eve, and the toys she so carefully packed away in her rucksack have an entirely different adventure in mind for Bobby Brown....

From the team that brought you the smash hit 'Treasure Island' join us for a brand new magical Christmas adventure! With music new and old, an all-star cast and a heart-warming story, this is a show for all the family that will fill you with just the right amount of warm Christmas spirit.

Written by Janice de Bróithe
Music by Chris O'Sullivan
Choreography & Movement by Tara Landers