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by Caroline Sinders

CAre B0t

  • From 4 June

Written and designed by Caroline Sinders. Programmed by Alex Fefegha of Comuzi.


This project came out of a specific place of studying harassment online, but also thinking about the reaches of where technology will take us.

The CAre B0t isn’t designed to be used in place of a therapist or a security expert. The CAre B0t is an artistic intervention showing exactly how painful and uncaring the policies and procedures are for victims when reporting harassment and mitigating harassment.

About the Artist:

Caroline Sinders is a machine learning researcher and artist obsessed with language, culture and images. Her work explores the intersections between natural language processing, artificial intelligence, abuse, online harassment, and politics in digital, conversational spaces. Her work has been featured in the Tate Exchange at the Tate Modern, Ars Electronica, Victoria and Albert Museum, MoMA Ps1, the Modern Art Museum of Bologna as well as others. She is the founder of Convocation Design + Research an agency focusing on the use of machine learning and design for public good.