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  • 26 October
  • Tickets: €9
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Being a vampire sucks, but being Dracula's younger brother is driving Jackula batty.Join Jackula on a spooktacular quest to step out of his older brother's shadow and become the world’s first fun vampire. Laugh as Jackula makes his pet ghost dance. Gasp as Jackula balances five glasses of water on his face. Smile as children help him perform spellbinding tricks. An inspirational Halloween magic show for the whole family. The Jackula is about being true to oneself. Despite the expectations of society and his family, that vampires must be scary, Jackula works hard to be fun and not scary. The story is woven together with magic and juggling tricks to show that what seems impossible can be possible.

Show time: 80 minutes

"Guaranteed family fun!”  Irish Independent
"It's brilliant!"  Virgin Media Six O’Clock Show
"A fun Halloween show that entertains, while showing off skills."    Red Curtin Review