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Jeramee, Hartleby agus Oooglemore

  • Monday 1st October
    10.30am & 12.00pm
  • Tickets: €6

Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore are at the seaside. Things happen – Hartleby spends a lot of time being bossy and trying to find the perfect spot. Oooglemore does some crazy dancing, shows off a bit, hits the shuttlecock too hard, loses it, spoils the game. Hartleby goes off in a huff. Jeramee makes it all OK. 

Baineann Jeramee, Hartleby agus Oooglemore sásamh agus só as a soineantacht álainn agus as a n-amaideacht aoibhinn féin. Tagann an triúr seo le chéile agus neart le rá acu ach gan ach trí fhocal acu lena rá.

Presented by Fíbín