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Learning at VISUAL

National Tree Week

  • 21 - 27 March 2021

National Tree Week runs from Sunday 21 - Sunday 27 March 2021.

VISUAL is taking part by sharing Katie Holten’s Irish Tree Alphabet which allows us to write in Irish Trees. Artist Katie Holten created the Irish Tree Alphabet in 2020 as part of her exhibition at VISUAL. Katie Holten's art explores language and the environment to highlight the importance of our words and the stories that we tell.

Katie has made drawings of trees, existing natives as well as non-native trees that are now calling Ireland home due to the changing climate. Each tree replaces a letter in the Latin alphabet; A = Ailm (Scots Pine), B = Beith (Birch), C = Coll (Hazel), etc. The result is a new Irish Tree Alphabet and font called Irish Trees.

The project finds its roots in the Ogham alphabet, a medieval alphabet used primarily to write the early Irish language. Ogham's characters or letters were called feda "trees" or nin "forking branches" due to their shape.

For National Tree Week we invite you to send a message using the Irish Tree Alphabet. Try it out now!

We are also sharing the Irish Tree Alphabet Explorers Guide, packed with activites and fascinating facts about trees.

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