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Never Look Away

  • Tuesaday 3rd December
  • Tickets: €6 Early Bird before 5.30pm on the night

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (The Lives of Others, 2006) returns with an Oscar-nominated drama about individuals caught up in the sweep of German history. Loosely based on the formative years of the painter Gerhard Richter, it is an intergenerational tale of love, sorrow, art and politics from Nazism to the Cold War.

In 1937, at the Nazi Party notorious "degenerate art" exhibition in Dresden, a small boy named Kurt’s passion for art is ignited. Years later, in Communist East Germany, Kurt (Tom Schilling) enters art college where he falls in love with fashion student Ellie (Paula Beer), unaware that her father (Sebastian Koch) has a devastating secret and is determined to end their relationship.
189 minutes, Germany, Italy, 2018, CLUB