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A Film by Fabrizio Terranova

Donna Haraway: Storytelling for Earthly Survival

  • Sunday 13th September
  • Tickets: FREE
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Donna Haraway: Storytelling for Earthly Survival is an engaging documentary about the life of American Professor Donna Haraway.

Haraway’s groundbreaking work in science, technology, gender and trans-species relationships over the last four decades is marked by her deep commitments to feminism and environmentalism.

Recognising Haraway’s talent for storytelling, the filmmaker Fabrizio Terranova spent a few weeks filming Haraway and her dog at her home, exploring their personal universe as well as the longer development of Haraway’s views on human bonds and the environment.

Donna Harraway: Sorytelling for Earthly Survival is part of a wider programme of exhibitions and events at VISUAL this season, where artists consider climate change and our natural environment.

This film looks at themes of environmental politics, storytelling, science, art and creativity.

2016 / 82 minute

Donna Haraway:Sorytelling for Earthly Survivial a film by Fabrizio Terranova 2016.