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Clodagh Emoe in collaboration with Crocosmia

The Plurality of Existence in the Infinite Expanse of Space and Time

18 January - 19 June

Representation is crucial to our identity and our place in society in the way that it informs our being in the world and how we participate in the community. This project is developing in collaboration with Spirasi, a humanitarian, intercultural, non-governmental organisation that works with asylum seekers, refugees and other disadvantaged migrant groups. These are people unrepresented on a legislative, political or cultural level here in Ireland, who can engage with the question of representation in a rigorous and meaningful way. Participants will collaborate in the creation of the work through dialogue, reflection and exchange, revealing both differing and shared realities in a non-didactic, implicit manner, and developing new modes or forms to ensure that these realities be represented. The collective pursuit of creating such forms opens up dialogue, extending the question of representation beyond those directly involved in the project.

Site-specific Audio Installation:
Clodagh Emoe in collaboration with Crocosmia

Co-commison Carlow Arts Festival, VISUAL and Carlow Co. Council Arts Office for SITEWORKS 16

10 – 19 June |11am – 6pm | Late night’s 16- 19th 8pm

In front of The Robert Quinn Waterfront Buildings, The Barrow River


The Plurality of Existence was developed and realised by Clodagh Emoe in collaboration with Crocosmia, a group of aslyum seekers living in Ireland. This site-specific audio installation created for The River Barrow seeks to offer a thought provoking meditation on representation, equality and community by presenting voices of those who are not represented, on a political, cultural or social level. Revealing both shared and different realities presents an alternate reading of community centered on the relations that are formed across categories of nation, race and culture. Texts that inform this installation are currently on exhibition in the galleries at VISUAL Carlow.

Clodagh Emoe’s works are underpinned by liminality, an in-between or “other” state. Through these works she explores the nature of being and the place of the subject within the world. Clodagh holds a PhD titled Exploring the Philosophical Character of Contemporary Art through a Post-Conceptual Practice from GradCAM/DIT.

The Plurality of Existence has been kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland. With special thanks to Carlow Sub Aqua Club and Robert  Quinn.