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Sean Scully: Works from the 1980s

Sean Scully is one of the leading abstract painters working today. His work is represented in most major international museums and has been the subject of an extraordinary number retrospectives around the world. Scully occupies a special place in the contemporary art scene, and is widely credited with having expanded the possibilities of abstract painting after minimalism. His abstract compositions, made up of horizontal and vertical bands painted with broad brush strokes are unique in the context of international contemporary art. He continues to use a restricted visual language with unique and astonishing virtuosity. This book has two purposes. It accompanies the exhibition Works from the 1980s by Sean Scully and more importantly, it provides a survey of his painting from this particular period. Includes texts by Arthur C. Danto and Armin Zweite.

Price: €20 excluding post and packaging

ISBN: 978-3-7076-0324-8


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